Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

Fight Hunger with Crenshaw

Share photos of your school food drive online with #CrenshawFoodDrive

See what other schools and libraries are doing for their food drive

Schools and libraries across the country host Crenshaw Food Drives to fight childhood hunger. See a few examples of their charity in action!

'I Donated' stickers

Students in Vermont filled a Crenshaw silhouette with "I Donated" stickers!

'Students at Food Pantry

Students conclude their Crenshaw Food Drive with a visit to the local food pantry to learn about how their donations will help those in need.

Decorated hallway'

Students in Michigan decorated a hallway with "I Donated!" wall decals

'Wall decals

The "I Donated!" wall decals in action!

'Students with poster

Students in Kentucky created posters to decorate the school hallways

'I Donated' stickers

Students research childhood hunger and the best foods to donate to food pantries to prepare for their Crenshaw Food Drive

    Did you know. . .
  • Nearly one in five kids in America lives in a household that struggles to put food on the table.
  • Three out of five K–8 public school teachers say they regularly see students come to school hungry.
  • Teachers of hungry kids spend, on average, about $37 of their own money each month to buy food for students.